Sodexo questioned for selling expired food in UNA C-store

Salad dressing that expired in November 2014 was discovered in Sodexo’s UNA C-Store March 11 and remained for sale March 16.

Sodexo’s UNA Dining Services was a major talking point during SGA’s UPC and Senate meetings last week.

Conversations revolved around expired food, to-go boxes and customer service March 9 and 12.

“I would honestly like to see them take more steps in treating their service to students like it is more than just a business,” said senior Walter Hartley, a UPC delegate and Freshman Forum Adviser. “I just wanted to let you all know that they are selling expired food, and it has been over a constant time period.”

Hartley said he has seen expired salads, salad dressing, fruit and frozen meals on multiple visits to the C-store and has brought the issue to Sodexo employees several times.

Last week, The Flor-Ala found salad dressings in the C-store that expired in November and December 2014.

Sodexo operations manager Gwen Burney said March 12 this is not the first time expired food in the C-store was brought to her attention. She said she once found expired milk being sold.

“I address that with my staff,” Burney said. “They’ve had so many issues. I am making sure they are going through and taking the necessary steps and checking their products every day as a part of their task list.”

She said she will work to ensure students “never again” find expired food in the on-campus dining facilities, as food that expired last year is “not acceptable.”

Despite Burney’s comments, expired salad dressings remained in the C-store March 16.

SGA President KeKoria Greer said she is working with Burney to correct the problems.

Student Gage Prince called the selling of expired food a “betrayal of students’ trust.”

Students who have concerns about Sodexo have several options to have their voices heard.

The next is a student survey that is coming up April 17-29.

“You don’t know how important your voice is when it comes to the survey,” Burney said.

Junior Shawn Overton said expired food in the C-store sends a negative message to students.

“People who live on campus need to go there, and the expired food is almost discouraging them from going there,” Overton said.

Vice President for Student Affairs David Shields said UNA’s food service employees are focused on ensuring all food sold on campus is up-to-date.