New band arrives on to Florence music scene

Shoals rock band Strange Waves will hold its first album release show at 116 E. Mobile Feb. 28 at 8:30 p.m.

Although the Shoals is home to a wide array of musicians, there has not always been a convenient local venue for artists to share their talents until recently.

Last year 116 E. Mobile grew right in the heart of Florence.

This month, 116 E. Mobile sold out of tickets for the upcoming concert featuring bands Grace&Tony and The Pine Hill Haints.

Strange Waves consists of members Jackson Gilreath on vocals/guitar, Joseph Whitehead on bass, Jeremy Couch on vocals/guitar and Evan Sandy on percussion.

UNA student and drummer for Strange Waves Evan Sandy said he is looking forward to the album release show and has already started putting up fliers in several downtown businesses.

“Strange Waves convened for the first time in my parent’s basement in the summer of 2012,” he said. “After a few years of incubating, we played our first several shows around Florence.”

Vocalist and guitarist Jackson Gilreath said he is excited to share the album with a live, attentive audience. Strange Waves album “Walls” will be released the night of the release show.

“Greg Scheshe is responsible for the producing and engineering,” he said. “He’s actually a UNA graduate. We all feel like he is just as responsible for the way our finished product sounds as we are. So far we are beyond pleased with the outcome and are grateful to have Scheshe on our team.”

Junior Sarai Ingle said she is looking forward to hearing what Strange Waves has to bring to offer the local music scene.

“Hearing the talent that is so prevalent in this area makes me realize just how much of an honor it is to go to school here, and I definitely made the right choice when I decided to call this area home.”

Editor’s Note: Student Writer Evan Sandy is a member of Strange Waves and did not contribute to this report.