Study app brings new features, does not surpass predecessors

Most students are familiar with the tragedy of pulling all-nighters or staying up to make last-minute notecards in their college career. Although there have been different apps that allow users to make quizzes and notecards from their phone, one app rises above the rest.

StudyBlue is similar to Quizlet, but not only allows users to create their own flashcards, it allows them to connect with students at their school and find flashcards other students have made.

It is easy to create an account. Once the app downloads, users have to click the “sign up” button. Users can then sign up by using their Facebook account, Google account or just an email address. Once the account is created and the user indicates he or she is a student, the user can search for a school. After users have located their school and chosen the subject, they can search for the teacher they are looking for. The main problem here is if no one has come on before and already created cards, then the user would have to start from scratch.

The free version of the app allows users to create and study their own flashcards and notes. It also allows the user to customize personal cards with different images and audio.

The Pro version includes everything the free version has. It also gives the user access to unlimited study guides. Along with unlimited study guides, the app allows access to more than 250 million study materials, but this is only available with an annual membership. There are three choices the user can choose. The first choice is for a year and costs $7 per month. The second option is for one semester and costs $8 per month. The last option is for one month and costs $18.

StudyBlue is not only available as an app, but also online. It is set up exactly like the app. The major difference is when users search for a subject, they can tell what school the notes or cards come from.

While this app may be good for some, I would not use it. I prefer to use Quizlet for many reasons. The first is that Quizlet is more popular. Since it is more popular, more people have used the app or website and there are more cards readily available. StudyBlue does not have this kind of traffic. Not only is it more popular, I do

not have to make an account to use other people flashcards. While an account has to be created to create cards, it is not needed to use some of the features.

Despite the fact I would not use it, StudyBlue does have interesting features. The notecards are easy to make and it allows users to upload their notes. This is great for people who might have missed a class or two. It also makes it easy to find material for the user’s school and class. Overall, it is decent, depending on the student’s need.