Meet the man tossing t-shirts in Flowers Hall

Senior Steven McClain aka “UNA T-shirt Guy” rears back to throw a T-shirt to a fan after a UNA three-pointer Feb. 7. McClain said he considers himself UNA’s No. 1 basketball fan and has not missed a home game since 2012.

The crowd rumbles just as one of UNA’s basketball players pulls up and sinks a three-point shot. There it is — nothing but net — and a free T-shirt. The crowd goes wild because of the shot, but also because the “T-shirt guy” is watching from the second floor to see who the wildest fan is.

Self-proclaimed “UNA T-shirt Guy,” senior Steven McClain said he has been ecstatic since he found out he would be UNA basketball’s official T-shirt thrower.

“I applied through the ticket office because they need someone to throw the free shirts,” he said. “I started throwing and they liked me, so that’s where I got started. I made up the name and made up my own Twitter (@una_guy) as well.”

He said the T-shirt throwing job requirements were simple and straightforward.

“They wanted to have someone to build up the atmosphere for basketball and get people hyped up whenever they shot a three,” McClain said. “That’s what I did, and that’s what I love to do.”

McClain said he considers himself UNA basketball’s No. 1 fan.

Alexis Pester, sophomore guard for the women’s basketball team said she agrees McClain is one of the team’s biggest fans.

“He will always tell us good luck before games, and he is definitely the first fan at every game,” she said. “He really builds the energy because he won’t throw a T-shirt until the crowd gets crazy. That really helps to create the hype we need.”

McClain, a computer information systems major and former Pride of Dixie percussionist, said he dreams of one day working for ESPN.

“I even considered coming back and getting my masters or even a sports major,” McClain said. “Many people don’t know there is a lot of computer work that goes with sports. They need all that work to produce.”

For McClain, who has not missed a home game since 2012, one of his proudest moments is when he attended the 2014 GSC Championship, he said.

“Last year when we went to GSC, I went to all three games,” he said. “I was actually on TV a couple of times. When they won it was awesome. I get to say I got to experience something like that before I graduate.”

McClain said graduation in May will be bittersweet.

“I’m sure there will be someone else to take over the throwing, but I’m going to miss it really bad because I love UNA and all the athletics,” he said.