UNA student arrested on assault, robbery charges

A UNA student was arrested Jan. 13 in connection with an assault and strong-arm robbery that occurred two days earlier, authorities said.

Interim UNA Police Chief Mark Parker identified the male as Joshua Jones, 22, 710 Courtview Tower, Florence.

Jones is charged with a third-degree assault misdemeanor and third-degree robbery, a class C felony, Parker said.

“This case is actually an assault that turned into a robbery,” he said. “It actually started out as a beating, but ended in property being taken, according to the reports.”

The incident occurred in the area of Lion Drive and Circular Road around 2 a.m. Jan. 11.

The victim was transported to the hospital by ambulance for nonlife-threatening injuries, including cuts, bruises and abrasions, officials said.

A Lion Alert sent to the campus community Sunday afternoon indicated the incident was not suspected as a danger to other students.

Parker said because the two parties are acquainted, the attack was likely directed specifically at one person.

“We don’t believe there’s a credible threat to campus,” he said. “We believe this was an issue between two individuals that got out of hand.”

The victim noticed his cellphone and wallet missing after the attack, according to reports.

But, Parker said the cellphone was recovered near the scene.

Parker said Jan. 12 the department had interviewed the victim and the offender, then he advised the victim to file charges with the Lauderdale district attorney’s office.

Director of Student Conduct Kim Greenway said when her office received reports from the University Police Department, a Student Conduct investigation would begin, regardless of what happens with the case outside the university.

“The outcome of the legal system generally has no effect on the university conduct process, except that the student, if charged with a felony, would be allowed to have an attorney present as an adviser, not as a participant, during the hearing process,” Greenway said.

She said the results of conduct cases are confidential and only released to the parties involved.