Lions’ Christmas wishlists

Everyone wants presents for Christmas, and the campus lions are no exception. Lion caretaker Ann Howard got the furry felions’ wish lists in “strictest confidence,” then she agreed to share them with The Flor-Ala. Howard said the lions had difficulty developing their lists because they already have most everything lions could ask for. Here is what they came up with:

Leo’s Wishlist

1. A Lion Night at local restaurants featuring all-you-can-eat raw meat buffets with bone marrow appetizers and goat milk cocktails once per month.

2. A motorcycle for him and Una to ride to Lion Night.

3. More airplanes flying over campus for him to look at.

4. More people who stand still when he tries to pee on them.

5. More people who appreciate him and feed his ego.

Una’s Wishlist

1. A toy-of-the month club formed for local lions because two toys per year are just not enough (Toys should not be the cheap ones from Pet Depot.)

2. A white Christmas.

3. A white scarf to flap in the wind while she rides Leo’s new motorcycle.

4. Matching aviator sunglasses for her and Leo to wear while riding the motorcycle.

5. Christmas once per month all year long.