Life editor offers easy, healthy recipe for students in residence halls

For all the students who are tired of greasy, fast food ruling the campus and do not mind carving out 30 minutes to cook a meal, this is the perfect recipe.

Zucchini and squash. Being a veggie-lover is not required to fall in love with this meal. It is great, for one, and two, only requires three ingredients. So, for those staring at the photo in the corner, unconvinced, I solemnly swear this is a meal for anyone to enjoy.


1 Zucchini

1 Squash

Garlic Salt


1. Rinse zucchini and squash in cold water.

2. Cut zucchini and squash into quarter-sized slices and season with garlic salt.

3. Set stove on medium heat and grease a medium sized frying plan.

4. Toss in zucchini and squash and place lid on pan.

5. Cook zucchini and squash 15-20 minutes or until veggies are transparent, flipping occasionally.