SGA strives for greater accountability in programming and freshman branches

SGA President KeKoria Greer gives her officer report during a Senate meeting. Greer praised the Rules and Regulations Committee’s work this semester on revising the organization’s code of laws.

All SGA members will be required to take an oath of office beginning next school year after a unanimous Senate vote Oct. 23.

Members of UPC and Freshman Forum have previously not been required to swear to uphold the UNA SGA Constitution.

“All of us are servants of the students, and therefore should take the oath to serve them to the best of our ability,” said Rules and Regulations Committee Chairwoman Laura Giles. “This is the reason for inclusion: To ensure all members are acting in favor of the students in every decision they make in their respective branches.”

The changes are part of the rewriting of the Code of Laws the Committee has worked on this year.

“The Code of Laws should be written in a way that students can read (them) and know exactly what they mean,” said President KeKoria Greer, who applauded the work of the Rules and Regulations Committee.