2 UNA football players arrested and charged with shoplifting

Update: Belk dropped the charges against Devan Parker, and the Florence City Municipal Court decided to adjudicate Parker’s case as a youthful offender status. Parker does not have any crimes on his criminal record. 

Two freshman UNA football players were arrested Oct. 16 for shoplifting at the Florence Mall, authorities said. Wesley Bohannon, 605 N. Cherry St., Florence, is charged with two counts of third-degree theft of property and Devan Parker, 20, of the same address, is charged with one count of third-degree theft of property, said Florence Police Sgt. Cliff Billingsley.

Billingsley said both were arrested by the Belk Loss Prevention unit.

Parker stole two beanie hats valued at $50 and a shirt valued at $49.99, according to reports.

Billingsley said Bohannon was also inside Dillard’s and stole a pair of pants valued at $40.

Bohannon was released on $1,000 bail, and Parker is out on bail of $500.

Billingsley said the bond is low because the charges are misdemeanors.

Athletic Director Mark Linder said the two athletes are suspended from the football team indefinitely.

“Coach (Bobby) Wallace and I will meet to figure out how to help these individuals learn from this experience,” Linder said. “We haven’t been able to get our schedules together yet.”

He said the goal is to ensure both students understand what is expected of them and how they should represent the university as members of the football team.

“That’s not what happened in this case,” he said. “They have to conduct themselves as representatives of the university.”

Because the Student Code of Conduct says any student whose off-campus behavior has an adverse affect on the university, students who commit crimes also go through the university conduct process, said Kim Greenway, director of Student Conduct.

Linder said the next step is to work toward getting the two students back on the team.

“The legal process will continue, but we will deal with it and get them reinstated,” he said.

Greenway said the student conduct process is also not affected by legal proceedings.

The goal of Student Conduct is to identify if a student is responsible for a violation of the Code and provide sanctions accordingly, she said.

Both Bohannon and Parker formerly played for Russellville High School before coming to UNA as walk-ons this year.