Downtown pizza parlor offers unique pies, fun atmosphere

A few weeks ago I noticed there is a pizza restaurant in Downtown Florence. It is named The Pie Factory, and this place knows how to make pizza right.

I met one of the managers named Nate Vindervort. He told me The Pie Factory was established two days before the Thanksgiving Festival in 2013. The managers are locals, and they also own the bar next door named On The Rocks.

There are 18 different kinds of pizza on the menu. One of the popular pizzas is called The Grilled Chicken. It has olive oil glaze, grilled chicken, and feta and mozzarella cheeses. Another manger, named John Ledbetter, showed me a pizza with two different flavors. The first one was pepperoni and the other one was Tex-Mex flavor. It is a Mexican flavor with cheese, onions and meats.

Most pizzas at The Pie Factory are bigger than ones served at other pizza restaurants. People can also build their own pizzas.

In my opinion, even though The Pie Factory is a fairly new restaurant in Downtown Florence, it has its own unique pizza culture.

I recommend this restaurant to any students. The Pie Factory is not only a place for people to have pizza, but also a nice place for people to chat with their friends and families.