If You Can’t Take the Heat

Some people probably do not know that UNA has another campus called East Campus. The culinary arts program is housed there. Learning how to cook food is a very interesting thing to me. I took part in the basic baking class with Chef Monteiro Prema Thursday, Feb. 28. Personally, I thought it was a very interesting class.

As an international student at UNA, I usually cook on the weekends with my friends. I think there are a variety of things I could learn from this cooking class, because it is an energetic and interesting class.

Prema and her students were talking about how to cook meatballs and chicken tenders in the class. They covered how to measure the weight of the seasoning. In addition, they were talking about how to save the food if the seasoning cannot be found. It takes more time if people do not have time to thaw the frozen food. The chef also showed people how to use the facilities in the kitchen. For instance, she showed them how to use the dishwasher.

I saw people taking this class who were good at cooperating with each other. I was surprised that there are so many cooking tools in the kitchen, such as the frying pans, seasoning and measuring glasses.

I think learning how to cook food can help people feel happier in their lives. Moreover, sharing the cooking experiences with each other in the baking class is meaningful because it is possible to know how to make different kinds of food. I really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in this class.