Dear 2020, hello and welcome

Ellen McDonald Staff Writer [email protected]

It is hard for me to believe that the 2010s have come to an end. This last decade was a monumental one. 

Within the last 10 years, the Black Lives Matter movement arose. The United States saw their first female presidential nominee and marriage equality was legalized in the United States. Survivors of sexual assault were given a voice through the #MeToo movement. 

The 2010s was a decade of growth and perseverance; but we still have a lot left to accomplish going into this next decade. 

It is very easy to reminisce about the past, but I think it is far better to gaze into the future. We cannot change what has happened in the past, but we can change what will happen.

Our actions today have an insurmountable effect on the years to come. So, what will arise in the 2020s? We at the Flor-Ala have a few predictions. 

Lavette Williams, predicts that this next year “will be a promising year for women.” She hopes that “a woman will be able to hold a presidential position with the utmost respect and elegance.”

Williams added she wants to see, “the first ever First Gentleman to be by her (the first female president) side supporting and uplifting her.”

Continuing this idea of progression, Jonathan Hatchett explained that he hopes the next decade “will bring as much positive change and as many beautiful moments as this last decade has.” 

The 2010s was also a decade of development. From the escalating push for gun control, to the rise in the battle against climate change, the 2010s undoubtedly set the 2020s up for an overwhelming amount of change. 

Alongside this, Saddler Emory anticipates that “there will be new technological advances.” During 2010, Instagram and Snapchat were created, virtual realities became a reality, and we saw a massive rise in the development of electric vehicles. 

Furthermore, Emory went on to add that “the discourse with the country will hopefully be resolved.” 

While we might have made several societal advancements within the last decade, we cannot deny that the nation is more divided than ever before. After the 2016 election, political turmoil set root within the United States and it has only gotten deeper since then. Now, more than ever, we truly are a two party nation. 

With the recent occurrence of the impeachment trials, no one can for sure predict what is to come during the next decade for the current cabinet. 

Within the 2010s, the United States saw the recovery of our military and economy under two vastly differing presidents. We also endured slanderous anger and severe polarization. Arguably, we are all anxiously awaiting political prosperity during this decade. 

A lot can change within 10 years. At the beginning of the 2010s, many of us were in elementary and middle school. Within those years, we started high school, we might have fallen in love for the first time, and we began to discover who we are. 

We graduated high school and  moved off to college. We met new friends and had to say goodbye to old ones. Some of us found what we want to spend the rest of our lives doing, while others are still searching. 

Within this last decade, we grew up. We learned how the real world works. We made mistakes and learned from them. We found the true meaning of life. 

If this last decade has taught me anything it is that the past does not define us. What we did during this last decade will not define us within the next one. 

The 2010s were good, but it is time to move on. So, welcome 2020. We have been waiting on you.