‘Unbelievable’ Netflix show covers justice

Skyler Eckl Volunteer Writer [email protected]

**Trigger warning: There are several mentions of rape.**

Netflix recently released a limited series called “Unbelievable” based on a series of true events that happened somewhere between 2008 and 2011.

The series is about a woman named Marie Adler who was tied up and raped in her own apartment and then accused of lying by the police in her town when she tried to report it. After her case was dismissed, the show goes to another state where two female detectives are working on rape cases that are eerily similar to Marie’s.

This series is amazing in the way that it follows the case and what happened with Marie Adler during the months after the rape. It allowed the viewers to see into every dead end and every victory made by the detectives, along with every loss and win that the people who were made victims by the rapist go through.

Once I started watching, I could not stop because of how well portrayed it was and how it truly showed what people experience.

I am someone who enjoys reading stories and watching shows like this because it helps me gain a better understanding of people’s minds, our justice system and what happens in today’s world.

This show encompasses all of that and more. The opening scene of the show is Marie Adler sitting wrapped in a blanket on her floor, waiting for the cops to show up and investigate. A cop asks Marie to tell the story of what happened and writes it down; a detective comes in and asks her to tell the story again. Then she is told she will have to go to the station and recount it again for the investigation.

Next, she goes to the hospital to have a rape test done, where she had to recount her story again. This was the worst part of the show because after suffering this trauma, she has to relive it over and over again, and you see her starting to lose hope.

After this, the episode seems to slow down and shows how our justice system can work. Marie is questioned by two male cops, and they force her to tell the story several times over to catch new evidence or catch her lying.

Eventually they accuse her of lying, causing her to break down. What makes this scene worse is that this is exactly how it happened to her all those years ago. The real Marie Adler said how excellent and true to the case the show is, despite how hard it was to watch.

Since the police closed the case of Marie, there is no follow up, other than her charge of lying. In another state, there is a rape that is remarkably alike Marie’s traumatizing event. A new investigation is launched, the difference being that a female detective is leading, which makes the victim less likely to be bullied.

The acting in this show is next-level; they handle such tough and true situations with a seriousness and sincerity that I have never seen.

Throughout the rest of the episodes, the focus is almost solely on the case and the two well prepared female detectives who partnered up to lead the cases. There are a few differences between what happened on the show and what actually happened, but the show maintains its accuracy. Despite all of the dead ends, these two women never waver in trying to help the victims, which is amazing.

At the end of the series, the two detectives do catch the serial rapist, which made me yell for joy in my room because of how excited I was. In court he is charged with several counts of rape and imprisoned. My favorite part of this was watching them contact the male detective on Marie Adler’s case to say that they had caught the man who raped her and watching him go find her and tell her he was wrong.

Overall, I thought it was an amazing series. The way it follows the true story is incredible. My research shows that they rarely deviated from it or brought in new information.

The way that the actors portrayed these people in such intense situations amazes me because I know it is extremely hard to deal with these types of situations, especially for women.

I do hope that everyone finds the time to watch this series before Netflix takes it down because it is a true eye opener.