Sports lovers weigh in on appeal of games

Fans, players and coaches sound off on why they love sports.

by Flor-Ala Sports Staff

It’s no secret that sports are popular in the United States, with hundreds of television and radio stations devoted to the subject, hundreds of college sports teams playing and thousands of fans attending games across the country.

So, why are so many people passionate about sports?

“I love sports for a lot of things — first is that it’s like a second family and you share one common interest, and that’s the sport or game being played,” said UNA cheerleader Tesha Vickery. “It can bring people together for the love of one thing. I admire how teams work, almost breathe as one — and it not only brings the players together but the fans.”

Vickery said the excitement of the game is what brings the fans together and that they can appreciate how much skill the players need to be successful.

Some students said they like sports because of the competition involved.

“It’s a competition and dominance thing, and we, as guys, love (competition),” said Nolan Coffey.

UNA head football coach Bobby Wallace said he grew up playing sports from a young age and that one of the great things about athletics is that it brings people together.

“I think also one reason people are so interested (in sports) is because it’s a social event even if it’s just sitting down with your family in the living room; it still brings people together,” Wallace said.

Lindsey Kent, trainer for the UNA soccer team, echoed Wallace’s sentiment.

“I love sports because there is nothing like the feeling of being close to your team and working for that one goal,” Kent said.

Kent said she admires the amount of work players put into sports.

“Athletes put blood, sweat and tears into sports,” Kent said.

Redshirt freshman football player Tre’ Crume explained why he loves playing sports.

“I love sports because it’s a mind game,” Crume said. “True victory lies inside the body, not the scoreboard. I love sports because I get to glorify Jesus Christ through the athletic abilities he has blessed me with. (It’s great) to have the mindset that no one will take what is yours because of the time you’ve invested into your sport.”  

Sports are a big part of school spirit from middle school to college, and Wallace said he thinks that’s part of what makes sports so popular.

“I think when the school spirit is directed at athletics with pep rallies and cheerleaders and members of the band going to athletic events, people develop an interest in athletics because they’re exposed to it,” Wallace said.

Student Jake Rodgers enjoys watching the players put so much into the game.

“I enjoy the heart and passion of the players and teams and rooting for the underdogs to pull an upset,” Rodgers said.

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