Student starts book exchange group

Some UNA students are using a Facebook group, the UNA Student Book Exchange, to find, buy and exchange textbooks for lower prices.

by Staff Writer Matt Wilson

When junior Nathan Flippo transferred to UNA from Mississippi State, he brought along an idea that he hopes will spread around campus.

Flippo, a geography major, said the UNA Student Book Exchange, a Facebook group where students can openly trade for textbooks. He said he didn’t develop the idea on his own but saw UNA’s students could benefit from having a program like it.

“I saw the idea when I was still at Mississippi State, and, when I transferred here, I figured it would be a great program to start up around here,” Flippo said.

Flippo said some classes are more difficult to find books for in the group, but he hopes that can change in the future.

“General classes are easier to find in the group than some of the higher education classes,” Flippo said. “Nursing and education classes are easy to find books for in the group.”

Students can be invited to or request to be added to the group by finding it on Facebook.

“Students can buy or sell their books, or they can trade, which is cool,” Flippo said. “Also, what helps is that we allow pictures as well, so people can see exactly what they are getting.”

Flippo said he is hopeful that the group can continue to grow and that it will still be around long after he graduates.

“Being able to negotiate the prices and cut out the middle man is the whole goal — to help save students some money,” Flippo said. “Obviously, textbook prices have gotten outrageous.”

The group now has more than 800 members, and Flippo said the popularity can work to the advantage of students.

“With it being a Facebook group, it has been easier to spread the word than with fliers or something,” Flippo said. “This way has been more efficient, and the bigger the group gets, hopefully the easier it will be for students to find the books they need and save money in the long run.”