WoW not moving anytime soon, officials say

Officials said during an open forum with SGA on Thursday, Nov. 15 that moving World of Wings out of the SRC is not a feasible option at this time. 

An open forum with Sodexo and university officials was hosted by SGA members Thursday, Nov. 15, largely in relation to a recent petition started by Senator Julia Wimberly to have World of Wings removed from the Student Recreation Center.  


Cindy Conlon, director of procurement, said the university is currently under a 10-year contract with Sodexo Dining Services and since the contract is only in its third year, moving World of Wings to a different location on campus is not feasible at this time.


“WoW was placed in the Student Recreation Center three years ago, when our contract was reviewed,” Conlon said. “We spent $140,000 to install the restaurant, as well as fix the ventilation system there. The contract we have places WoW in that building, and with the money we’ve spent, it would be difficult to move it now.”


Alan Kinkead, general manager of Sodexo Dining Services at UNA, said WoW does currently offer some healthy food options, but he and his team are working with WoW’s corporate office to look into expanding the menu to offer more health-conscious options.


“When you’re working with a franchise, you can’t just add to and take away from their menu,” Kinkead said. “But we’re looking into healthier options, and you never know, maybe we could be the ‘guinea pigs,’ so to speak, for them to try to offer more healthy things on their menu.”