Potential impeachment proceedings debate

Lavette Williams:

As a Democrat and as a woman, I think President Donald Trump’s impending impeachment is well overdue.

His time has been up. Maybe it is not the end of his term because there have been others presidents before him who have had this impeachment inquiry, but never left office – Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. But it is time that he be held accountable for his actions.

I firmly believe that just because he is President of the United States, that does not mean that we should allow him to get away with unethical and possibly illegal behavior by sweeping it under a rug. In fact, I think that it is because he is President that we should hold him responsible for what he says and does.

Trump was not tried for the sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior that more than 20 women came forth and accused him of. These women all shared similar stories of being groped, stared at like a piece of property or expressed feelings of just being uncomfortable, yet they never received any reparations for the trauma they experienced. And no, reparations do not mean money. I am talking about their dignity and their self-respect. Instead, they were silenced.

We can ignore these women, but not a phone call to the Ukraine President? Is this how we treat women in America?

President Trump’s campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again.” It is printed everywhere on t-shirts and hats. What is this greatness that we are speaking of and where can America get it?

American Rapper Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. also known as “T.I.” sat down with several other activist on Revolt TV on Sept. 14 and had an open discussion on black agenda, voting and President Trump.

Harris put Candance Owens, an American conservative commentator and political activist, on the hot seat when she brought up Trump’s slogan representing freedom for everyone.

“When you say make America great again, which period are we talking about?” Harris said. “The period when women couldn’t vote? The period when we were hanging from trees? Which period in America are you trying to recreate?”

I am sitting here wondering the same thing.

Andrea Arroyo:

As a Republican and student, I believe that the issue of President Trump’s “impending impeachment” is borderline ridiculous.

I grew up seeing both sides of the two main political parties in our country, and as I got older began to realize that one had more interest in helping our country than the other — the Republicans.

I have seen President Trump do more for this country in one term than the Obamas or any of the other Democrats – Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, etc – have done in years- if ever. Illan Omar even had the nerve to call 9/11 “someone did something.”

I watched the Democratic Party tear Brett Kavanaugh to shreds in front of the entire country about something he was proven completely not guilty of, and am seeing the same thing happen to Trump with this impeachement scandal.

I have seen the late night shows mock Trump more than anyone else in the world and from what I saw from Jimmy Kimmel Live, the impeachment order is nothing more than just a bunch of words that do not make a lick of sense to anyone.

I watched as his son was traumatized by Kathy Griffin’s sick prank, and his wife First Lady Melania Trump and daughter Ivanka criticized and put down by the fellow women of this country, and why? Because we have more jobs in America than ever before. Because our gang violence is dropping. Because we are being respected as a country, instead of being taken advantage of. We are making lots of our products in our own country for the first time in a long time and there is a great change in America for the better since Trump got elected.

Donald Trump’s impeachment would not just be futile because his first term is almost over, but also because he is a man for the people, just like he says he is. It is evident and clear how much he cares to make this country great again, and impeachment would destroy the progress our country is making. We are all Americans, no matter what party we come from who protect our rights, work hard for our pay and love our freedom.

Why would we settle for less?