Women Build Campaign kicks off

The first Women Build Campaign will kick off with a screening of “Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines” Oct. 29 at 7 p.m. in the GUC performance center. 

The documentary screening will begin the yearlong Women Build Campaign, initiated by UNA Habitat for Humanity and Shoals Habitat for Humanity in partnership with the George Lindsey UNA Film Festival and the Center for Women’s Studies.

“Wonder Women!”  held its premiere at South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival last year and was one of the top films at the festival, said Cynthia Burkhead, assistant professor of English and president of Shoals Habitat for Humanity. The documentary highlights the evolution of DC Comics superheroine Wonder Woman, in addition to showcasing real-life superheroines. She said the documentary is an inspiration for female empowerment and fits the Women Build initiative.

She said the Women Build Campaign will raise funds over the next year to buy supplies needed by Shoals women to build the Habitat home.

“As a woman, I feel like it’s important to highlight what women in the community can do to make their community stronger,” Burkhead said. “There are so many strong, successful women in the Shoals that we would like to give them an opportunity to shine while giving back to the community.”

Emily Kelley, coordinator of the Center for Women’s Studies, said she believes the Women Build Campaign will be positive for the community.

“I think it’s a real step forward for women in the community and for all the women involved,” Kelley said. “I’m very glad the Women’s Center has had the opportunity to partner up with this because it’s appropriate that the Women’s Center be involved. We’re really going to encourage as much participation from the women in the Women’s Center for this Women Build.”

Kelley said she hopes the campaign will help increase the confidence of women on campus and in the community.

Although Kelley said she feels the campaign is overdue, she is glad that it’s taking place, especially during Domestic Violence Awareness month.

“It’s really perfect timing,” she said.

As far as the future of the Women Build Campaign, both Burkhead and Kelley said they are hopeful the campaign continues in future years.

“I hope the Women Build will become a regular part of the efforts of Shoals Habitat for Humanity,” Burkhead said.

Kelley’s views are similar.

“I hope it’s contagious,” Kelley said. “I hope once women see what other women have accomplished, that encourages them to accomplish great things themselves.”

The campaign looks to meet its fundraising goal of $45,000 by Oct. 1, 2013.