Students enjoy weekly on-campus slacklining events

A group of UNA students partake in slacklining near the amphitheater on campus Sept. 18.

There’s a new student activity going on weekly on campus this semester: slacklining.

The Outdoor Club, headed by UNA alumna McKenzie Martin, has been hosting weekly on-campus slacklining events. So, what is slacklining?

According to, slacklining has long been a part of the athletic world. From tightrope walkers in the circus to the gymnastics balance beam, the central theme of balance is not new.

“Slacklining has been pretty popular since the ‘60s or ‘70s,” Martin said. “It’s kind of a hippie activity, but it’s good exercise and laidback.”

Jonathan Oliphant, while slowly making his way between trees on the thin, flat slackline, said he enjoys doing it because it is very relaxing.

“It is a fun workout and challenging, but its very relaxing,” Oliphant said.

Martin pointed out that there are different types of slacklines.  

“Some can be used for different tricks and some are just for balancing and walking,” Martin said.

The slackline is anchored around two trees with protection for the trees, such as sleep pads.

“We are looking to install some old telephone poles down at the OAC so we can set up a permanent slackline,” Martin said. “That way we don’t have to worry about damaging any of the trees on campus.”

Students who are interested in participating must fill out a waiver each time they want to try their hand at balancing. Martin said that so far they have had 53 students try it out.

“We have some regulars now that come out each Tuesday,” Martin said. “We have been doing this since early September and plan on continuing it every Tuesday for the rest of the semester.”