Quit stressing, stop procrastinating

Procrastination has to be my least favorite character flaw. I often—no, scratch that, ALWAYS—put things off to the very last minute. I even procrastinated writing this column until a few hours before deadline.

I know I’m a horrible college student and shouldn’t be where I am today, but, luckily, I am. I somehow have made it to my senior year of college with an excellent GPA, a good job with a law firm, and a job as an editor for The Flor-Ala. However, I feel my luck will run out very soon.

I am always stressed out. My father says I have a “type A” personality, where I constantly worry over every detail of my life, and that it will one day kill me. Gee, thanks, Dad. You wouldn’t know that by hanging around me, though. I always try to smile, laugh, and generally be in a good mood around my fellow students and staff members.

However, when I get home from long hours at school and work, I often blow off steam by being argumentative and downright mean with my brother or with my boyfriend.  I always feel terrible after a huge fight with them, but it doesn’t change the fact I am the only person to blame for my bad moods.

My stress comes from one thing: procrastination. It isn’t my workload, it isn’t my classes and it isn’t my relationships. It is me not spreading all of those things over a reasonable time frame. I am always rushing at the end of deadlines to put everything together, and this is giving me wrinkles and causing me to lose my hair. I have put myself under so much stress that I am on medication for it.

I vow, starting sometime tomorrow—no, right NOW—to stop procrastinating and start developing good planning habits. I have got to prepare myself for the fact that I will one day be in the real world, one not so forgiving on waiting for me to get my act together.

I want to be able to go to sleep at night not trying to calculate when I need to wake up in order to finish a project. I want to be able to calmly approach deadlines and not feel my stomach drop when I notice the clock appears to be running out of time. Most importantly, I want my hair to be long and luxurious and not in my shower drain.

Students, please hear my plea. Find a way to bring order to your life. If you procrastinate, find a method to help you stay on track. You may be stuck in your ways, like me, and find this to be a hard, almost impossible thing to do. We must not give up.