Fan reflects on year

UNA student Skyler Wayne Charles was awarded the Most Valuable Fan award by the UNA Athletics Department this May. 

UNA student Skyler Wayne Charles may be watching even more sporting events now thanks to his new iPad 3.

Charles was awarded the iPad 3 after being selected as the Most Valuable Fan last year. Parker Hendricks from Student Marketing and Athletic Promotions collected the data from the Mane Card office and determined that Charles had attended the most UNA athletic events.

“A student’s Mane Card is swiped every time they enter a UNA event and that information is what we use to determine the Most Valuable Fan,” Hendricks said.

Charles said he enjoys all sports and tries to make it to as many UNA games as possible.

“This year I went to all the home football games, probably half of the baseball games and most of the basketball games,” Charles said. “My favorite to attend is football games. The tailgating and the student section are a lot of fun.”

Hendricks is in charge of the athletic promotions at all UNA sporting events. Along with the Most Valuable Fan award given at the end of each year, there are prizes given to students at individual games.

“Throughout the year we give away Xbox 360 consoles, iPads and gift cards during all the different sports seasons,” said Hendricks.

The athletic fee charged to every student each semester goes to an auxiliary athletic fund. Hendricks said between $70,000 and $100,000 goes back to the students through promotional giveaways and prizes awarded to students who attend UNA athletic events.

Charles said he found it easy to attend as many games as he did over the course of the year.

“I like to watch almost every kind of sport, so when I found myself without much to do, I would just go to a game,” Charles said.

Charles said he would like to see attendance at UNA athletic events increase and that he thinks a program like the Most Valuable Fan could help that happen.

“Students get in free, so I don’t really know what else they can do to bring people in,” said Charles. “If students know that they could win an Xbox or a gift card, then that might help bring out the fans.”

Though Charles wants all students to know about the Most Valuable Fan program, he warns that it will not be so easy to win.

“I want more people to come out to all the games, but good luck to anyone who thinks they will take this award from me next year,” Charles said.