Lions fan brings energy to games, local area

Lions fan Delmar Williams can be seen at the UNA games and around Florence sporting his purple and gold. 

One of UNA’s biggest fan is not one of its students; he’s not even an alumnus.

Delmar Williams, as everyone knows him, said he has been a dedicated Lions fan for as long as he can remember. Williams said he attends most school spirited UNA events and all of the athletic games besides road games.

Williams also said he is an avid sports lover who enjoys almost every sport.

“(My favorite sports are) football, baseball, soccer, basketball,” Williams said, “I like all of them, except golf.”

Williams said he enjoys bowling in his free time. He used to play in a league and said he still can be found practicing at Lauderdale Lanes in Florence at least once a week.

Men’s Basketball head coach Bobby Champagne said Williams can be seen attending home basketball games in one of his many tracksuits.

Williams said he doesn’t have a UNA tracksuit yet, but he is always wearing UNA purple and gold to the games, and his UNA hat of course.

“I wish more of the students had as much spirit as he does,” said junior David Johnson, former Spirit Chair of the University Program Council.

“He is always the loudest and most spirited,” said Johnson.

Coach Champagne said the same thing of UNA’s most eccentric fan.

“He gets pretty loud, I think our fans enjoy Delmar’s enthusiasm,” Champagne said, “He is pretty good at singing the National Anthem at baseball games –he doesn’t actually get on the mic, but everyone hears him.”

Its not just baseball games Williams loves to sing at– he said he attends karaoke night at Flobama every Tuesday night. He said he likes singing every Lady Gaga song they have on file.One of his favorites is “Bad Romance,” which he said he knows by heart.

“I always joke that Delmar is the official mascot of Florence Alabama,” said Champagne, “I wonder if its catching on yet.”