Fantasy sports grow in popularity with students

Getting the experience of owning your own sports team can be done during every sports season for any diehard sports fan just by getting on the Internet.

Fantasy sport players make their own sports teams with real athletes, and a season is made through various types of rules to help make the competition that much more intense. Fantasy sports are a growing trend among thousands of fans across the world, and the competition that occurs with friends makes it that much more exciting and appealing, said UNA basketball player Wes Long.

“As competitive as I am, I want to win,” Long said. “Obviously there is no award except for bragging rights, but it’s also kind of fun to manage your own team. It’s a change of pace for me as well because, as a player, the result of the game is on me, but in fantasy sports, all I can do is play my best players and sit back and watch.”

With the popularity of the fantasy growing, fans are growing into the love of professional sports more than just college sports.

“I already watch a lot of games,” Long said. “It does make me watch more guys or teams that I wouldn’t normally watch on T.V.”

At first, the rules of learning how to play can be very tough at times, but the more you play the game, it flows as if you were playing it in real life. Fantasy sports is simply the way it sounds: there is nothing physical about playing the game except for the hours you spend monitoring your team.”

Long said that is one of the many reasons why people play fantasy sports and also a way of spending time with friends.

“I would say it is really fun and easy to play,” Long said. “You get to have a good time with friends, it’s easy and anybody can play. I think that’s a good thing you don’t have to be athletic. I enjoy playing it with my friends back home who I don’t get to see and talk to that much.”