SRC offers classes to students to get in shape

Front to back: Tiffany Ferguson, Alli Ferguson and Nikki Messer do squats during a group exercise class at the Student Recreation Center.

Summer time is right around the corner, and for many students, having the perfect body for a beach vacation is a goal that can be achieved at the UNA Student Recreation Center during the group fitness classes.

The Student Recreation Center offers a variety of classes that can help students get in shape either losing weight or gaining muscle mass for weight gain.

“Getting healthy helps you provide a healthy life, improves flexibility, reduces stress and also can help prevent against disease,” said UNA instructor and Health and Wellness Coordinator for the YMCA Jennifer Mayes. “Attending the fitness classes hold you accountable, makes new friends, shows proper form, and gives moderate and extreme motivations.”

The nervousness of getting into a gym can be hard at times, but the SRC opens its doors to any students who are dedicated to getting in shape.

There are also other ways—students can monitor their fitness levels outside of the gym.

“There is an app that you can get on your smart phone called My Fitness Pal that tracks your workout, fats and also your carbs,” said SRC Fitness Coordinator Glenda Richey. “I love this app, and a lot of students are using it. Apps are so popular, and I haven’t been so excited over the food part in a long time. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can access My Fitness Pal at”

SRC fitness classes are made to be tough but for the benefit of students in accomplishing their fitness goals. With the expertise and help from the trainers, the transition of making it a routine becomes easier for each individual.

“When you’re in class, you’re less likely to quit because the teacher motivates you,” Richey said. “The teacher/motivator factor helps you stay on the task. The teacher also makes sure you are safe, using correct form, and on task for the maximum workout we can squeeze in 45 minutes. On strength and total body, getting a quality workout is whatever kicks your butt or what makes you go the full 100 percent. How many times you work out is all based on personal preference.”

The SRC can be students’ fitness pal the rest of the summer. If students are working out for the first time or even improving their diets, Richey said the SRC will help students along with the process.

“You can contact me at [email protected], and we can get you a trainer for free,” Richey said. “The trainer will set you up with a program that is personalized just for you in terms of your goals, times, and your likes and dislikes.

“You can also come to me and we will count your calories to set you up with a nutrition diet and set you up with a goal on how many calories to have.”