Getting to know breakout player Almon

Third-baseman for UNA, Andrew Almon, has started off the 2012 baseball season for the Lions with a roar. He is a source of reliability both at the plate and defensively at the hot corner. Almon and his twin brother Daniel are both biology majors. Together, they constantly confuse professors as well as teammates from both the baseball and football teams. After redshirting his first year at UNA in 2009, Almon has come into his own both as a baseball player and as a student.

M: What is it like being at UNA with your twin brother?

A: Well, we have the same major and, besides about three or four classes, we’ve had all the same classes together. Teachers have a hard time telling us apart. We’re at midterms and we still have some teachers that can’t tell us apart. We get along pretty well, but when we were younger we used to fight a lot. Once we got big got big enough where we started hurting each other, we kind of cut that out.

M: When did you start thinking that you could play at the college level?

A: When I was younger, I just enjoyed playing the game, but when I got to high school, I just really started working on my game. I started taking it serious and putting a lot of hours into it. By my junior and senior years of high school, I thought I could probably play at the next level.

M: What was the recruiting process like for you?

A: My high school coach, Jason Anderson, pitched here at UNA. So when I started the whole process, he asked me where all I was considering. I told him I wanted to go to a four-year school and that I wasn’t interested in junior college. UNA and West Alabama and Jacksonville State were all talking to me, but UNA offered me (a scholarship) early, so I took it in case I got hurt my senior season or something, I would still be able to come here.

M: What is the chemistry of the team this season?

A: Our strengths this year are defense and pitching. We’ve got the hitting; it just takes a bit more time over the season for it to come around. We have some returning All-Conference batters; it just takes time. As a team, we all get along and we all hang out on the weekends. Everybody’s attitude is good and we all respect Coach Keehn and understand that he knows the game well.

M: Did UNA recruit you to play third base?

A: I played shortstop in high school, and UNA recruited me as a shortstop. After my redshirt season, they moved me to third base and told me they thought I would develop more over there. I like it more than shortstop now. I always thought I would be a short-stop, but I enjoy it at third base now.

M: What are some of your pre-game rituals?

A: We all take batting practice, and I get my arm loose, and then I like to say a short prayer. After batting practice, we all have time to go eat somewhere, so I try and go eat at Quizno’s or Subway and get a little energy going.

M: What is a motto that you try and live by, and who is someone that you consider a role model?

A: Personally, I just try and do everything to the best of my ability and give God the glory. If I’ve been given the ability to do something, then I’m going to go out and try and do my best. My high school coach, Jason Anderson, is a good man and a man of integrity. He really preached that to us in high school. Character, integrity and hard work will eventually pay off.

M: Do you have any favorite television shows that you watch regularly?

A: I like to watch “Criminal Minds.” I try and keep up with that. I also enjoy watching “Swamp People” and a few other shows on the History Channel.

M: American League or National League?

A: Definitely the National League. I’ve been a Braves fan forever.