Students share opinions on ‘Linsanity’

Senior guard Beaumont Beasley prepares to make a move on a defender during the Jan. 14 game against Valdosta State.

The “Linsanity” buzz has hit all across the United States as the feel-good story of the NBA, but the rising star has UNA students questioning the hype.

New York Knicks guard and Harvard graduate Jeremy Lin has risen from sleeping on his teammate’s couch each night to being the architect of the most recent success of an underperforming NBA team.

During the 12-game stretch, the Knicks are 9-3 since taking over the point guard duties that have also included game winners and failure.

The media has grabbed this story, and it has become the story everyone wants to see when watching “Sports Center” highlights.

“It’s a great story and good for basketball,” said UNA guard Beaumont Beasley, who is also hoping to pursue a professional career. “It just shows how much hard work can pay off no matter where you come from.”

Lin has now replaced Carmelo Anthony as the face of the Knicks and is also a fan favorite for America. In his most recent games, Lin has struggled against Eastern Conference power Miami Heat, scoring just eight points and also losing two out of the last four games.

Turnovers have really plagued the rising star. In eight out of 12 games, Lin has turned the ball over six or more times a game and has showed signs of coming to life.

“He is a good player and all, but he turns the ball over too much,” said UNA student Daniel Swope. “I feel like his success will start to die off as the season goes on.”

With the way the Knicks have been playing lately, those signs have been showing for Lin after the beat down he received from the Heat, shutting him down for a 1-11 shooting.

He is now averaging 14 points a game, nine assists, and four turnovers a game, which is a huge decline in the points column from the first six games, where he averaged 26 points a game.

“It is a great story for the NBA, and he has created a lot of buzz for New York, but I’m ready for some of the publicity to cool down,” said UNA student Wesley Hughes. “I just don’t see him playing at this high of a level for the rest of the season.”

With the second half of the season under way, the huge question for Lin and the Knicks is whether or not he can continue his success for the rest of the season.

Whether the publicity is deserved or not, Lin has given life to the Knicks, the city and has captured the hearts for sports fans after winning nine out of the last 12 games.

“You can’t help but be a fan of him, and I’m not sure if he can play at this high of level,” Beasley said. “I do see him playing well enough for (the Knicks) to make the playoffs.”