Keep the March Madness coming

With the NCAA basketball tournament starting last week, I expected nothing but madness going on, with teams I have never heard of pulling off big upsets.

I mean, that is how it is every single year, as the teams who you think are going to go far end up going down earlier. So, when I filled out my bracket in hopes of picking a lot of games right, I tried to find that big upset and also picked my final four teams.

Every year, I always ask off work for the opening-round games so I won’t miss the buzzer-beaters and the upsets that go on. Of course, on the opening day of games there was one upset in VCU beating Wichita State, and all the other games were blowouts.

I then said to myself: “Man, this has been a terrible start to the tournament, with no excitement at all.” It was so bad that I started falling asleep watching the games.

The next day of games came and chaos began to happen down the bracket.

Upsets started happening in just about every game that was played, but in the meantime, my bracket started to fall apart as my elite eight teams and one of my final four teams (Missouri) fell on the very first game they played.

A total of four teams seeded higher than a 12-seed, and two 15-seeds advanced to the second round—something that has never been done in history. Friday was the day that most sports wanted to see happen, even though most of us threw our brackets in the trash that night.

As the weekend began to unfold, much of the same happened—upsets continued to occur as teams punched their tickets to the sweet 16. There isn’t a single matchup that I got right, so from here on out, no more picking, just cheering from me.

I’m really hoping to see some unexpected teams reach the Final Four, like 13-seed Ohio or 11-seed NC State, instead of the power house programs that seem to make it every other year.

Let’s go Cinderella teams; that’s what I will be cheering on these next two weeks. NCAA tournament, let’s keep the madness going a little while longer and  leave us all amazed at what just happened.

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