Boughner set to be next ace on mound

Chad Boughner delivers a pitch during a game earlier this season. Boughner recently threw a school-record 16 strikeouts against Quincy.

Chad Boughner has been involved with the UNA baseball program for three years as a weekend pitcher. Head coach Mike Keehn said Boughner adds responsibility to the program through his leadership on and off the field.

“You might have a guy that’s been flirting with it two years, but having a three-year weekend starting pitcher, that doesn’t happen very often,” Keehn said. “He’s always going to quality minutes, not just the way he competes on the mound, but he does the right thing.”

Boughner set the UNA record Feb. 25 with 16 strikeouts in the 8-3 win over Quincy.

Q: Chad, have you always played the pitching position?

A: “I played pitcher in high school at Florence, graduated in 2007, but I also played first baseman.”

Q: Tell the readers about your family.

A: “My mom is from Lexington, and my dad is from Florence. They actually met here at UNA while in college. I have one brother who’s in college at Auburn.”

Q: Who is a role model that you have looked up to over the years?

A: “Probably both my parents. Both of them have always been there for me and helped to guide me throughout my life.”

Q: What has been your best UNA memory while playing baseball?

A: “Probably making the regional tournament last year because we got to Pensacola, and also I got to spend a lot of time with my teammates who are my friends as well.”

Q: If I turned on your car radio, what would I hear playing?

A: “Country music; Colt Ford.”

Q: What are your individual goals this year as a pitcher for UNA?

A: “I want to go out and pitch to the best of my ability every single game and hopefully help us win.”

Q: What about as a team? What do you want your team to achieve this year as a whole?

A: “Our goal is to have an 8-2 record over every 10 games, so that’s 40-10 over the whole season. That’s usually the team goal.”

Q: The classic question: Burger King or McDonald’s?

A: “Burger King. I just like their burgers better.”

Q: What about a post-game victory meal with your family or friends? What would you choose to eat?

A: “A steak and baked potato from our house on the grill.”

Q: What do you like about being a pitcher?

A: “I like to have the pressure on me, and I like to do good when the pressure is on me. That’s what I like most about it.”

Q: Last one, Chad: if a producer decided to make a movie about you, who would they cast to play you in the movie?

A: “(Laughs) … I don’t know. Maybe Jim Carrey.”