SGA: DVD kiosk not making money, leaves campus

After approximately six months of being in service, the DVD kiosk in the GUC Atrium has been removed from campus.

Due to a lack of profit and student use, the kiosk’s owner Kenny Porter of Vendisk LLC asked members of SGA to remove the kiosk, according to SGA President Ralph Akalonu.

“Apparently, (the kiosk) was not profitable enough and the vendor was not making any money,” Akalonu said. “We were not making any profit after all the expenses (associated with the kiosk).”

Akalonu cites lack of student use as the main reason the DVD kiosk did not survive.

“Students were actually willing to drive to Redbox rather than to just walk to the GUC to get movies,” Akalonu said. “It pretty much had the same movies that Redbox had-it was only about 25 cents more.”

Akalonu and former SGA President Cory Hamilton placed the kiosk on campus last summer for students to rent movies, while still staying on campus.

“We saw it as an added advantage that we had a DVD kiosk on campus, but on the business side, it really wasn’t profitable and it wasn’t hurting us.”

In the month of October, 55 movies were rented and two movies were purchased, according to Akalonu.

“Not enough students were renting movies, for what it was going to cost,” he said.

SGA was using the profit generated to go into their endowed scholarship fund, and only received $3 from the endeavor, Akalonu said.

“It didn’t kind of hurt us, it kind of hurt (the vendor) because of all the capital expenses went on him,” Akalonu said.

SGA will be working to raise money in alternative ways such as utilizing its 5k run and a letter writing campaign to continue to raise money for the endowed scholarship SGA sponsors, he said.