Fashion in a socially distanced world

Jaquan Caine, Volunteer Writer

With the outbreak and mass spread of COVID-19, the creative world of fashion has been put on hold. Many have been asked to work from home or are now unemployed due to forced closure of businesses. Most of society has been cooped in their homes in order to protect themselves and prevent spreading. So what does that mean for the person that has a passion for fashion or even the person that looks forward to tacky tie day at the office?

Many adjustments have been made for those who have been asked to work from home. Working online and attending Zoom meetings is the new normal, and as far as attire goes, a new normal has been established as well. One can simply work in the comfort of their pajamas or sweats, and those who attend daily Zoom meetings can wear a collared shirt and tie and sit in the comfort of their boxers (as seen worn by Christopher Reeve’s son, Will Reeve, during a Good Morning America segment). For the woman that attends Zoom meetings, a simple tweed blazer with a ribbon tie is perfect for the camera view, while shorts, sweats or even underwear can be sported for comfort underneath.

Unfortunately with the closing of bars, clubs and restaurants, social and nightlife has become almost non-existent. Instead of throwing on an elegant outfit to run to brunch, many are focusing on dressing for comfort. With social outings not being as popular, image has taken the backseat on the scale of importance. Athleisure or leisure wear and of course, the wearing of face masks have become more popular. Face masks alone have become a fashion statement of their own with any- thing from masks with rhinestones and glitter to tie- dye and screen printed memes.

Though the threat of Covid-19 has changed the way society both dresses and behaves, fashion is not over. Use each opportunity at any outing to look stunning.

Let that spark of perseverance or hope be the reason to look fabulous, even in the comfort of your home. If one is running to the supermarket, use that opportunity to throw on a nice pair of shoes, Chanel no. 5 and of course, a face mask. We will endure!