Student aims to fix communication in world


Photo courtesy of Andrew Kirkwood

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Jonathan Hatchett, Staff Editor

 Hatchett: What is your name? 

Kirkwood: My name is Andrew Kirkwood and I recently transferred as a fifth year junior pursuing a degree in human resource management.

Hatchett: What are your interests? 

Kirkwood: I have many interests in nature, music and basically any outdoor activity. 

Hatchett: What are you thankful for? 

Kirkwood: If I had to choose for one thing I am thankful for, it would be all of the new friends I have made here in the past few years. 

Hatchett: What do you hope to achieve in life? 

Kirkwood: One thing I hope to achieve in life is to bring a little happiness to everyone I encounter. For me it is the little things that can make a big difference. 

Hatchett: Who are your biggest supporters? 

Kirkwood: My biggest supporters would have to be my brothers, cousins and the coworkers I have grown close to over the last couple of years. 

Hatchett: What are some of your favorite things? 

Kirkwood: Some of my favorite things to do is just spend time with my friends or play guitar with my brothers and cousins. Interaction with those I am close to is what makes every day worth every little bit. 

Hatchett: What is your favorite place and why? 

When it comes to places I like to go, work and my grandparents’ house would be my top choices. Not everyone loves the place they work, but it is what you make it. If you make every day good and look forward to seeing your coworkers and making a difference for others then every day is something to look forward to. My grandparents’ property is also extremely sentimental for me. The countless memories with friends and family made will never be matched. 

Hatchett: What is your greatest fear? 

Kirkwood: My greatest fear would be missed opportunities. It does not matter what, when and where. Opportunities you take are only new experiences you can learn from.

Hatchett: If you could fix one thing that is wrong with the world, what would it be? 

Kirkwood: If I could fix one thing in the world it would be communication with everyone. It sounds silly but it is something I am passionate about. The way people deal and work with one another should be more respectful. If everyone could work around their differences and come together then everyone should be able to get along. Compromise and sacrifice can help everyone get along. 

Hatchett: If there is one piece of information that you know, but want the world to know, what would that be? 

Kirkwood: The one piece of information I would like to say to the world is always be respectful. You don’t know what someone else may be dealing with and being respectful and considerate to everyone can help brighten the day just a little bit more. Everyone deserves respect and everyone can benefit from such a simple action.