‘The Bachelor’ week 6-7: another one bites the dust


Ellen McDonald, Managing Editor

After a whirlwind of drama last week, week six started off with the two-on-one date with Jessenia and Mj. 

Matt pulled Jessenia first and this gave her the opportunity to tell him all of the horrible things Mj has said and done in the previous weeks. She made him aware of the fact that Mj has been a prime instigator of all the drama within the house and then lied to him about it. 

When Mj speaks with Matt, she tells him that she is physically and mentally exhausted. Girl, aren’t we all?

She pulled the whole “I hate crying in front of people” and “I’m shaking” bit to get attention from Matt. 

Matt told Mj that when this was all brought to his attention, it confused him because she never came off that way to him… in private. There is clearly a difference between Mj’s personality when she is with Matt and when she is bullying other women. 

Matt clearly had feelings for Mj but, he was able to overlook them, and he sent Mj home. 

With Mj gone, all the women left were fairly non-confrontational. So, something has to be brewing behind cameras to stir up the house. 

Chris Harrison walked into the room and told the women that there would be no cocktail party that evening. 

Serena C. somehow blamed Katie for that.She said that in every scenario where there has been drama, Katie has been a part of it. I am sorry, but Katie was the one who got all the mean girls sent home. She practically packed their bags for them and kicked them on the way out. 

Going into the rose ceremony, Kit, Jessenia, Abigail and Rachael all had roses. The women that went home were Ryan, Maggie and Brittany. 

The next morning, Serena C. went and spoke to Katie, calling her an “arsonist.” Serena then went and told the other girls that Katie said that she was not there for Matt, which was not said in the slightest. 

So much for a drama free house. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Stoking the fire more, Heather Martin, a former contestant on “The Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” showed up at the front gates of the resort. 

She told Chris that she had been speaking with Hannah Brown, the Bachelorette of season 15. Hannah apparently told Heather that after spending some time with Matt in quarantine, she felt that the two of them would be really good together. She pretty much convinced Heather that they were a perfect match.

Chris told Heather that they are nearly halfway through the show and that they are all quarantined. So, he told her that he would see what he could do.

Heather eventually announces that she will be quarantining for a few weeks and will then be able to meet Matt. 

Pieper got the first one-on-one of the week. Matt took her to a carnival in the middle of the woods, #ZombielandVibes.

I have been wondering for weeks about where the money that is usually spent on travel for the show has gone. Here is your answer ladies and gentlemen. 

Pieper opened up about her parents being emotionally reserved towards her and that she has never felt loved. She said that it is hard for her to let people in because of this. To that, Matt said, “I am happy you shared that with me.”

Honestly, if Matt does not get a new response to hearing about the emotional and physical turmoil that these women have endured, I hope he ends up being alone.

He uses the same robot responses to everyone whenever they open up to him. It is exhausting. Can you imagine telling the person that you are falling in love with that your parents never really show affection and essentially being told, “Wow, that sucks?” 

At the end of her date, Pieper received a rose. 

The group date card arrives at the house and because her name was not on the list, Katie received the second one-on-one.

For the group date, the ladies went bowling with Matt.

Chris showed up and told them that only the winning team would be able to go to the after-party portion with Matt.

The team with Michelle, Jessenia, Serena P. and Chelsea won. 

Chris went back to the house with a special date card which said that the losing team would be getting more time with Matt. So, the girls joined the winners. 

Serena P. told Matt that she was falling for him and Chelsea got really upset about the other girls being included in the after party. 

The group date rose went to Michelle. 

Before his date with Katie, Matt talked to his friend and roommate, Tyler C., who just happens to be the golden trophy of Bachelor Nation.

Katie and Matt, for their group date, got to prank Tyler. They spoke into the ear of a paid actress as she gave Tyler a massage. 

It was the first time that I have ever seen a resemblance of a personality within Matt.

During the second half of their date, Katie revealed that she would be there for Matt until the very end, if he chooses her. Matt’s facial expressions just did not match Katie’s energy and her eagerness to build their connection. 

Matt did not give Katie her rose and she went home. 

Heather walked into the cocktail party and interrupted Matt’s conversation with Pieper. He immediately began laughing and then sent Pieper out of the room. 

At the beginning of week seven, the girls were extremely hostile to Heather, which is not new. 

Jessenia said to Heather, “I’m not convinced that you’re ready for an engagement.” Are any of them? They have known the man for two months. 

Matt did not allow for Heather to stay due to his progression with the women there, so she got back into her mini-van and drove off. 

Going into the rose ceremony, Michelle and Pieper both had roses. Serena C. and Chelsea went home. 

Serena P. got a second one-on-one.

Matt chose to take Serena on the date because he felt like they have not broken any barriers within their relationship. So, they did tantric yoga with one another. 

Serena said she did not enjoy the date because she does not like public displays of affection. She said she was just waiting for it to be over. That is always a good sign during a date.

Serena got the rose and will be going to hometowns next week. 

On the last group date of the season, Bri told Matt that she had quit her job to be on the show with him. Trust me girl, he is not worth all that. 

Abigail went into this week being the only woman to have not received a one-on-one. Just a reminder, she received the first impression rose. 

She told Matt that she could see a life with him, and she asked him how he felt. 

Matt told her that from night one, he was instantly drawn to her. He told her that he was so comfortable with their relationship that he explored other women. Those other relationships grew stronger and his relationship with Abigail got put on a back burner. 

Matt told her that he moved on from her and then sent her home. I cannot express how idiotic this Veggie Tale looking man is. 

Later on, Kit sat down with Matt and told him that she plans to finish school and travel before settling down to have a family. She acknowledged that this is different from a lot of the other women’s plans. 

She is seven years younger than him and in an entirely different place in life. 

Rachael got the group date rose and Matt took her from the group to a private portion just for the two of them. 

Kitt decided to go and visit Matt. She told him that he needs someone who is 100% sure about him getting down on one knee. She told him that she is not that person.

Even after bringing tears to Matt’s eyes, she still decided to leave. 

Jessenia got the second one-on-one of the week. She told him that she is falling in love with him, and he made the biggest “oof” face that I have ever seen. Matt then sent Jessenia home. 

Pieper did not receive a rose during the rose ceremony. 

Matt’s final four are: Michelle, Serena, Bri and Rachael.