Who is UNA’s PR Director, Michelle Eubanks?

Trenedy Parks, Staff Writer

Michelle Rupe Eubanks is, in short, someone who wants to help people. She strives to be a voice for those who aren’t well-represented in Florence and here at UNA. 

She is a 1996 graduate of this institution and an English and Professional Writing major. When she attended UNA, she was very involved. She was a Student Organization, Advertisement and Registration (SOAR) counselor, a recruitment counselor, a member of the LaGrange Society and the University Program Council, as well as the Student Government Association President.

As a mother of two, Eubanks aims to make Florence a safer place to live and work for everyone. She is involved in many organizations on and off campus. Off-campus, she is Florence’s district four city councilwoman. She was the first woman to be elected to district four and has been involved since 2016.

“I feel like [the city council] are still making history here,” said Eubanks. “Now two women are serving, and there has been a history where there have been two women before because, in district one, she is the first woman to be elected there.” 

She also serves on the Town and Gown task force as a representation for UNA and the city. This group works with pine street to increase safety mechanisms and plans events like “Pawlloween” in October. It’s an advocacy organization for the city and the Institution. She has also been involved with the First Fridays and she and her late husband were the chairpersons for Arts Alive during the 29th and 30th years.

“Florence has given me a whole lot of opportunities. I am from here, I went to high school and college here. I was able to find my way here –even though I am from here– I was able to make it my own,” said Eubanks. “And now I find that serving on the city council is an opportunity to give back to the community that gave so much to me.” 

Before this, she worked in the private sector, within healthcare marketing and media and Manufacturing marketing and media. She also worked with the Times Daily. She felt that her job there was very important and it allowed her to tell the stories of so many people and events. These stories were something powerful and were meant to be shared with the world.

“I love the writing process, I love interviewing and getting to know people,” said Eubanks. “I had the very good fortune to be able to tell people’s stories that changed lives. I was able to tell the story of Dwayne Williams’, who passed away during 9/11, and his wife. I was able to interview his wife about what that was like, about his life and his career. And we were just crying together in her living room.”

Here on campus, she is the Public Relations Director, the editor-in-chief of the Alumni magazine, and is in other committees and organizations. In her fourth year here, Eubanks has been working hard to write about all things UNA advertising the college all over. The Alumni magazine is a large part of what she does. There is a June and a December issue. The magazine issues line up with many of UNA’s events. Homecoming falls into the December issue and big spring events like the lighting of the fountain fall into the June issue. Her favorite part of all the things she does in that position is writing and reporting. 

“In this role, I share the news of the institution,” said Eubanks. “I can get news from any area on campus. I feel very fortunate that I get to interact with faculty and share their amazing research or events going on.” 

Though writing is a large part of her duties, she is also involved with the Faculty and Staff Welfare committee and is the advisor of the Phi Mu sorority. The committee looks at different policies that affect the faculty and staff welfare and makes recommendations based on the agreements made on the committee. 

Eubanks is someone who loves to share the stories of others, and also advocates for everyone who lives in Florence.