Boeing, Boeing takes comedy to the skies

Trenedy Parks, Staff Writer

UNA’s Cinematic Arts and Theatre (CAT) program performed a comedic play called “Boeing, Boeing.”  The production showed from Feb. 23-25 at 7:00pm and Feb 26 at 2:00pm at George S. Lindsey black box theater. The show had two scenes and ran for two hours and one ten minute intermission. 

Set in 1960s Paris, the production is about a suave businessman, Bernard, who is engaged to three flight attendants from different airlines: one from the U.S. named Gloria, another from Italy named Gabriella, and the third from Germany named Gretchen. Bernard’s old friend, Robert, visits after not seeing each other for 18 years (and nine months!). Bernard explains his situation with Robert, who is dumbfounded at the morality and organization of it all. The same day that Robert visits, each of the fiances arrive in Paris at the same time. Now, Robert and Bernard have to keep all of them separate so they do not meet.

The show is a slapstick style comedy with very quick banter and perfectly timed entrances and exits. The setting for the show took place in Bernard’s apartment, and the set pieces were very minimal: couch, side tables, armchair and kitchen table and chairs. There were six doors lit on set and each was made clear through dialogue as to what door led to each room.

Visiting Professor Ariel Lauryn directed this show, she has been here at UNA only for this school year and worked with last semester’s production of “A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story of Christmas in Prose”. Lauryn’s specialty is physical comedy and landed on the idea for “Boeing, Boeing” because of the slapstick-like nature of the show. Though she is also very skilled in puppet usage, this show will not utilize those skills. Lauryn said that the production of the show was a rewarding experience overall. 

“The people have just been extraordinary.” Lauryn said. “They’ve been respectful and kind, and they bring so much to the production.”

Anna Armstrong, who played Gretchen, has been involved with theatre since the end of her eighth grade year and has done about 8 productions since. She is a second semester freshman and was involved with the CAT program by doing hair and makeup for “The Folklore Project”, which showed during the fall semester. Armstrong encourages everyone, even if your major isn’t in the arts, to get involved.

“[Boeing, Boeing] has been so fun and an eye opening experience,” said Armstrong. “I came from a really small town and our [theatre] program wasn’t really well funded so I didn’t have the teachers to help me out while I was acting. But with Ariel, having her there to critique us and give us different points while performing is just so great.”

Lauryn said her crew is what really made the show go as smoothly as it did, stating that she “lucked out with them.”

“I would just like to emphasize the crew and how much they’ve helped.” Lauryn said. “Amanda Perry designed our gorgeous costumes, Ethan Franks and Thomas Butler did the –perfect and beautiful– set and the lights and Lily Higginbotham did the sound and with how little sound effects there are she infused her personality into them.” 

The production was a great experience to watch, as well as seeing behind the scenes and see how the show came to life.