Who is Associate VP of Student Affairs, Dr. Tammy Jacques?

Kelley Peters, News Editor

Dr. Tammy Jacques is a dynamic individual who wears many hats, both on campus and off. The deep love she holds for her role at the University of North Alabama illustrates her dedication to helping students succeed.

Jacques lives with her husband and ten-year-old son, Brayden. The family stays busy attending Brayden’s baseball and Taekwondo practices. They have also done barbeque competitions since 2005, and they even have a business on the side called University of Que, where they sell barbeque sauces and spices. 

Originally from Huntsville, Jacques went to the University of Alabama at Huntsville and earned a degree in mathematics. While at UAH, she was very active on campus – she was a student leader, was in a sorority and was on the school’s programming board, among other activities. This involvement made her realize that she wanted to go into a career in student affairs. 

After working at various schools around the country in Housing and Residence Life, she found an opportunity to return to her home state and work at UNA. She will have been at UNA for 21 years as of summer 2023. 

With all of her responsibilities on campus, Jacques has a very full plate. She is the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, and in addition, she advises the Student Government Association. She also supervises the Office of Student Engagement, works with Fraternity and Sorority Life, oversees the Guillot University Center Operations and Events Management and chairs the planning team for Light the Fountain, Founders Day and the University Awards Gala. 

In the past, she supervised SOAR for 20 years, worked with Title IX and was involved in Student Conduct and the CASE Management Care Team. 

Jacques has a passion for working with students and having direct interactions with them to influence the trajectory of their lives. 

“I love getting connected with students and being able to make a difference in their lives,” said Jacques. “I love being able to provide opportunities for them to help them be successful in their careers, whether it’s through leadership, communication skills or building connections and relationships on campus.” 

In addition to this, she appreciates the growth that she is able to see during students’ time at UNA. 

“My favorite part of my job is the direct interactions that I have with students,” Jacques said. “To see students from where they come in that first year as a freshman or transfer student, and then to watch their growth and development by the time they graduate and see their successes afterward is amazing. It’s amazing to know that maybe you had a little hand in giving them opportunities, helping them hone their skills or learn some lessons in life that will serve them down the road. If I can have a moment in that time to make a difference in a student’s life, that is my favorite part of my job. That’s what gets me up every day: to know that maybe I can make one little impact, no matter how small it is.” 

One way that Jacques seeks to make an impact is always being there for students with an open-door policy. She also recommends that students get involved in organizations during their time at UNA to make the most of the opportunities available. 

“One of the things I would encourage students to do is remember to enjoy their journey as a student,” Jacques said. “As they’re doing their academic classes, remember to get involved in one student organization, whether it’s an academic student organization, Student Government Association, a leadership organization or Fraternity and Sorority Life. That will engage them and make it fun for their experience. Also, continue to find a mentor or connection somewhere on campus. Find someone to connect with and talk through things to help through the college experience.” 

To Jacques, the most important thing is helping students make the most of their time in college. 

“I’m always here for students,” Jacques said. “My door is always open. I encourage them to get involved, get connected and do at least one thing in addition to their academic experience. Those memories you make, those experiences and the friends you make will be some of the best memories that you reflect back on when you think about your college experience. Just get connected in some way.”