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Cavetown releases brand new EP

Izzy Smith

English singer-songwriter Cavetown released the third EP of his career, called “little vice,” on Feb. 23. This comes as his first EP since his platinum album “worm food” released in 2022. This EP takes on a chill synth pop feel. It felt almost dreamy to listen to and includes one collaboration on the final track. 


The EP starts with the track “obvious.” This track dives into feeling insecure and having significant self-doubt. The introduction to the song embodies the universal experience of uncertainty by stating “Lyin’ on your side / sinkin’ like a stone / lie until you’re right / wonderin’ what it’s like.” The imagery of lying down and resting yet still being weighed down by things is one that is relatable for anybody in their life.

The song then jumps into the chorus, “If I die tonight, I’m just curious/ Haven’t been myself, is it obvious?” Even though he is at a low point he is still concerned with how others view him. This song is relatable to anybody who has doubted their self worth and their identity. 

Favorite Lyric: “Haven’t been myself, is it obvious?”


The second song, “alone,” dives into the self discovery that it is okay to be alone at times. The song starts with the chorus, “Isn’t it fun to be alone? / Isn’t it what you want? / Isn’t it something you’ve been lookin’ for? / Isn’t it? / Isn’t it?” The repetition of the phrase “isn’t it?” shows that they are trying to reassure themselves that it’s okay to have alone time.

This song gives reassurance to people that it is okay to have periods of your life without a relationship, and the best times are when you find peace in being alone.

Favorite Lyric: “I’m wanting to beg em’ to stay / I’m wanting to be who they choose / But I still keep pushing away / From people I don’t wanna lose”

let them know they’re on your mind:

The third song on this EP deals with the feeling of longing. The intro starts with, “Let them know they’re on your mind / I wanna tell you you’re on mine.” The feeling of thinking of someone, but you’re not sure if they’re thinking of you is conveyed throughout this song.

The verses show uncertainty in one’s self in every aspect in life and how it can affect your insecurities in a relationship. This song is by far my favorite on the EP. 

Favorite Lyric: “You’re so perfect it kinda hurts my feelings / Wish there was a way for you to see what I am seeing right now.”

the back of the moon:
The fourth track of the EP is mostly instrumental. It starts with a piano melody with small video game sounds in the background and then swells into the typical synth pop sound of the EP. When vocals come in, they appear to be from the perspective of a mother who is dealing with the distance of her daughter. 

The second verse states, “Hops on a train to the back of the moon / To start her new life without me”. That then continues into the outro, “I’ve done the best that a mother can do / The glow might remind her of me.” The feeling of raising a child and watching them move on with their life has to be bittersweet, which is perfectly conveyed in this song. 

Favorite Lyric: “Falling asleep in a cobweb cocoon / She’s dipping her toes in a dream.” 

glacier meadow: 

The final song of the EP is also the only one with a collaborator, Field Music. This song’s production takes on a different vibe to the rest of the EP as it’s more folky that synth pop. The song talks of finding peace in a calm environment and how that can change your perspective of love.

The only verse states, “Your perfume / My euphoria / Sun through the window / The bright moon.” The imagery brings you a tranquil environment. This song ties together the melancholy EP perfectly.
Favorite Lyric: “Sun through the window / The bright moon”

This EP seems to be one of self reflection. It shows insecurity and vulnerability from the very start which makes it very relatable. This is easily one of my favorite projects of Cavetown. 

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