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“Grief Chapter” shows blend of indie rock and pop

Courtesy of Mother Mother.

Canadian indie rock band Mother Mother released their 9th studio album “Grief Chapter” on Feb 16. The band has been active since 2005 and is made up of five different people. Like any band they have had some past members leave, but have remained consistent since 2016 with the same five.

“Grief Chapter” contains 12 songs and the album itself runs for 40 minutes. The band stays true to their found sound while also adding new elements throughout. This album seems to lean more into an indie pop sound while still keeping their rock elements throughout. 

Nobody Escapes: 

This first song has an upbeat pop feel to it, but with a morbid message. The song talks about how regardless of how good or good looking you are, you can never escape death for it is inevitable. 

The first verse reveals the meaning right off by stating, “A jellyfish, a gigolo, a politic/ Don’t make a lick of diff, no/ Nobody, nobody escapes” The song appears to be a brutal self reflection. 

Favorite Lyric: “And they won’t go easy on you just ‘cause you’re so skinny” 

To My Heart:
The second song is also an upbeat tune. This song is about learning to go back to the basics in an attempt to not feel so down. Going back to your heart is a way to heal yourself without toxic thoughts that your brain transmits. 

The chorus being only one line, “‘Cause I’m going back to my heart today” keeps the song simple to understand.
Favorite Lyric: “I’m gonna chase down the brain/ With every thought I wish I didn’t think/ And tell ‘em ‘You’re not wrong, you’re just in pain’”


The third song keeps the upbeat vibes of this album going with a fun and bouncy production. This song talks about the people who try to find meaning in everything instead of just enjoying the beauty of basics. 

The verses talk of how even after doing things that should calm someone down, they are still itching for something meaningful to happen, then goes onto the chorus talking about how they will rest, but only when they’re dead. 

Favorite Lyric: “I love too hard, I love too hot, my loves a fire”

Head Shrink:

The fourth song takes on a mellower production and talks of a person starting therapy. The song talks of learning to let go of these things bothering you and to just keep on pushing through until you’re able to see the beauty of everyday life again instead of only seeing your pain. 

This song is easily my favorite on the album and was easily relatable to me. The song shows that everybody struggles with opening up, but most of the time, it’s necessary. 

Favorite Lyric: “It’s in my inability to unpack the past/ It’s like a car I can’t un-crash”


The fifth song goes back to the upbeat feeling. This song starts talking about how you just simply have bad days sometimes, and they just can’t be helped. Although the song takes a darker turn at the end of the chorus saying, “I wonder which one’s gonna take me down” 

The song then takes a turn and ends with, “But I’ll never, ever let ‘em take me down”. This just goes to show that even though days are bad, they’re never bad enough to let them affect the rest of your life. 

Favorite Lyric: “Innocence is just a bridge to pain/ Hey, now babe, it ain’t always so grey”


The sixth song comes in at almost six minutes, and goes back to the mellow production of “Head Shrink”. This song talks about a person reconciling themself that when they die it may simply be just that, blackness. The song continues talking of trying to meet one’s maker, but also coming to terms with the fact that there may not be one.

This is the first song lead by their female vocalist and it is absolutely beautiful. It can go for everyone, religious or not. We’ve all been scared of death and what may or may not come after it, this song just puts that fear into words. 


Back into their indie rock roots, this song ditches the pop elements to their last six songs in this seventh track. This song talks about how there shouldn’t be a normal, and how you shouldn’t conform to society’s normal.

The song asks, “What’s normal? Nothing’s Normal.” over and over again which allows you time to think and realize that there is nothing normal about this world and the more we attempt to normalize people, the worse our world gets. 

Godd*mn Staying Power:

With this song only having about a minute running time, it’s one of the most interesting on the album. The production has dark undertones but has children playing in the background for juxtaposition. That included with the darkness of the lyrics, it shows what childhood innocence can turn into. 

The two verses simply talk about how happiness and sadness exist simultaneously regardless of their opposition. 

Favorite Lyric: “Never happy without my sadness”

The Matrix:

The ninth song on the album sticks with the rock side of the band. This song talks of getting out of being trapped in a certain frame of mind that doesn’t let them move forward and see how beautiful life can be.  

It’s an interesting tune, but not my favorite on the album. It allows thought to be had, but the production and lyric combination just feels chaotic to me. 

Favorite Lyric: “You’re running out of time/ I want you to fly, I want you to pop off”

God’s Plan:

The tenth song keeps with the rock vibe of the second half of the album. “God’s Plan” is a joking critique on the human race. How if a creator made us then why did they make us so flawed and strange. 

This song gave me mixed vibes from the get go. I was unsure on how to feel but after a couple listens I think it’s an interesting critique on humanity. Even with the critique it allows you to see the beauty in humanity also. 

Favorite Lyric: “I’m a miracle, but, baby I’m so bored”
End of Me:

The eleventh song starts a blend of the indie pop and rock elements. This song is a realization that you will not be able to experience your funeral. Although it is because of you, it is not for you. 

This song keeps with the morbid theme of the album. Although, the production and harmonies really shine through in this song. For me, that was the only enjoyable part of the song.

Favorite Lyric:”Like the island in the sun/ The one I blew up just for fun”

Grief Chapter:

The twelfth and final song is also the namesake for the entire album. It starts off more mellow with an acoustic guitar, completely different from the rest of the album. This song is a series of text messages from a friend grieving the loss of his father transcribed into a song.

It’s a beautiful realization of how grief affects people. The song states, “Everything is different now” throughout the song and it just goes to show how much losing someone changes your life. This is the best song on the entire album.

As a whole, this album is simply amazing. Although there are songs I don’t really love, there are also none that I hate. The final song of the album is beautiful and completely different from the rest, which works so well. Mother Mother made a great album. 

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