Update on Jane Doe Lawsuit

David Dickerson, a former UNA marketing professor, filed against the university with the Alabama State Board of Adjustment and the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission for wrongful employment termination. UNA put Dickerson on administrative leave after he allegedly sexually assaulted Jane Doe, a former UNA student.

UNA is starting the new year off with a fresh slate starting with moving to end the lawsuit with anonymous former UNA student Jane Doe.

Lawyers for Jane Doe filed a case against UNA Aug. 9, claiming “sexual assault upon Plaintiff by a UNA professor and UNA’s deliberate indifference in response to the actions of the Professor in violation of Title IX.”

The university claims the Jane Doe lawsuit failed to state sufficient facts of UNA, or any of the named defendants, violating the law, said UNA Director of Communications and Marketing Bryan Rachal in a university press release.

During his employment, Dickerson led a group of four students to a UNA sponsored Intern Sales Conference/ Competition in Orlando. At this event, Dickerson allegedly sexually assaulted Jane Doe.

Rachal said Jane Doe alleged former UNA professor David Dickerson was guilty of sexual misconduct more than 50 times in the lawsuit but failed to name Dickerson as a defendant.

Rachal said if the lawsuit continues, UNA is asking the court to require Dickerson to join the suit so the court can decide if Dickerson is responsible for injury to Jane Doe.

Since the original lawsuit, Dickerson filed with the Alabama State Board of Adjustment and the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission claiming UNA wrongfully terminated his employment.

Dickerson said because of the lawsuit, he is now unable to work in academia. He said he does not feel he should have been fired at all, according to the press release.

Jane Doe alleged in the lawsuit the university allowed Dickerson to remain on campus and finish out his contract, according to the complaint she filed against UNA.

A Title IX investigation found Dickerson violated policy Dec. 17, 2015, Kitts said in a statement.

After the investigation found Dickerson guilty, the university placed him on administrative leave and banned him from campus.

“The University responded quickly and professionally throughout this process, complying with all applicable policies and laws,” according to UNA’s second official statement regarding the lawsuit. “The matter was investigated thoroughly and the University acted decisively to protect our students while also protecting the student’s right to privacy.”