New relationship policy under debate

The Student Government Association Senate met Jan. 18 to debate the proposed prohibited relationship policy at UNA.

Members of SGA discussed the possible new policy regarding consensual relationships between faculty and staff and students at the UNA. The proposed policy states any employee of UNA is prohibited from engaging in any consensual relationship with any undergraduate student at UNA.

The majority of SGA members had a problem with the wording in the document because it implied student workers also fell under the policy.

“I think the wording in the current proposed policy is too ambiguous,” said

Samuel Mashburn, senator and chair of the Elections and Recruitment Committee. “The one size fits all approach will not work for something this complex.”

Graduate student Madeleine Frankford said she is in favor of the policy because it ensures people in a powerful position will not have the opportunity to manipulate their power.

This is the second time student senate voted on this policy. The last vote took place in the fall, but shared governance sent the policy back after they made changes.

SGA President Hugo Dante said faculty and staff senate have issues with the document as well.

Senate did not take a vote to adopt or not adopt the policy. Instead, SGA voted in favor of sending the proposal back to shared governance with a memorandum Dante writes expressing the senate’s opinion on the proposal. Shared governance will take this into consideration at their next meeting.