Understand why students are ‘reeling in the year’

Every year, there is a different theme for homecoming. The 2016 theme was “Our Pride Can’t Be Tamed.” This year the theme is “Reeling in the Years.”

Director of Student Engagement Tyler Thompson said a committee chooses the theme.

“There is a standing homecoming committee made up of various people on-campus,” he said. “It functions outside of the Shared Governance Structure. The students on the committee are appointed by SGA each year to serve in the same way that Shared Governance appointments are made.”

Thompson said the committee had narrowed the choice to two before voting.

“I believe it’s a play on nostalgia,” said senior Jacob Stutts. “Look at how much stuff from the ‘90s has been brought back. It’s not shocking that they chose this theme.”

Stutts said he has not heard of previous years’ themes because they were not well publicized.