SGA pulls for transparency

By SGA Beat Writer Jessica

The Student Government Association is working to make SGA transparent for all students to view what is happening on campus.

SGA set up an account through the app REMIND. The application allows students to receive notifications about scheduled changes for university and SGA events.

There are over 1,000 students registered for the application, said Jose Figueroa-Cifuentes, vice president of University Program Council.

“We recently used it for a relocated event, Hey Day,” Figueroa-Cifuentes said. “It’s awesome that we’re using something that is free to interact with the student body.”

Sophomore Danny Franks said he signed up for the REMIND feature through text message.

“It is helpful that I received the text message before I saw the email about the football game being canceled,” Franks said, “I thought it was cool how it also told you where to park at the game.”

To sign up for the alerts, students can text @unasga to 81010.

The REMIND app is not all SGA is doing to promote transparency. SGA changed its email group on Outlook to public so anyone can view it.

This will allow anyone to view what SGA is doing, said SGA President Hugo Dante.

Dante said he promised transparency in SGA during his time campaigning for president, and he is working to implement this.

SGA will stream all branch meetings live through Facebook. This feature will allow students to view what the government is discussing, how the association is spending their money and what events they are planning.

SGA saves all live streamed meetings on the SGA Facebook page.

Senior Sabrina Hudgins said she does not know if she will watch the live streamed videos on Facebook.

“Maybe if they had a caption of the most important parts I would watch for what they decided on,” Hudgins said. “I understand the transparency idea, but I do not know all the legal terms of Senate and the way their meetings run, so I am not sure if I would be able to follow and understand the video streaming without it broken down.”

Due to the structure of meetings, comments are not addressed during the actual meetings, Dante said.

“We pay close attention to comments on the social media accounts so they will be addressed, just not during a formalized meeting,” Dante said.

Junior Owen Edwards said creating transparency is a good idea, but he hopes this will allow a voice for the students in some of the association’s decisions.

“I haven’t had a chance to watch the live stream yet, but it may not be easy to watch and follow if the viewer can’t see or hear what is being discussed,” Edwards said.

SGA is in the process of partnering with the Communications Department to work on their communication with the student body.