‘Jane Doe’ protesters join the Big Deal

On Aug. 24 during the Big Deal, over 100 protesters gathered at Harrison Fountain and the Memorial Amphitheater in support of Jane Doe, the anonymous former UNA student who filed a lawsuit against the university.

Senior Jessica Doke said she was surprised by the number of people who showed up to support Jane Doe.

Doke said the reason for the protest was to help victims of sexual assault feel supported.

“We are tired of rape being looked at like a joke,” Doke said. “This is unacceptable.”

Students protested the statement UNA released about Jane Doe and her alleged encounter with former marketing professor David Dickerson.

Junior Kendall Dean said he felt the initial statement did not reflect well on the university.

Doke said the person who released the statement was acting as the whole university, but the entire university does not share the same view on this topic.

The protest began at Harrison Fountain where speakers from organizations, such as College Democrats, I Am That Girl and Beyond the Women’s March, discussed rape statistics to prepare the members of the protest.

Junior Anna Grace Kitty said they were not protesting who was right and wrong. They just want an apology to Jane Doe and all rape victims.

Kitty said UNA will get its day in court, but for now, this protest is about the victims of sexual assault.