Campus gains more parking beside Flowers/Bennett

More parking spaces will be available for both students and faculty March 13.
The new parking lot, located on the west side of Bennett Infirmary and the south side of Flowers Hall, contains over 240 white-line spaces for commuters and six green line spaces for the staff at Bennett.
The project began October 2016. However, delays held up the operation, including a need for soil replacement.
The spaces replaced University Apartments.
Project manager Kevin Hudson said the location was “the best” place to put new spaces.
“It was a good central location,” Hudson said. “Parking was needed on campus.”
Hudson said the construction of the new spaces was “phase one” of future projects that will bring new pedestrian walkways that will go down Circular Road.
Hudson said the lot may close off next week for final contractor work.
“(They will) probably have it closed back off when traffic’s not busy,” Hudson said. “But, for the big crowd we’re gonna have (March 13), we’re gonna have it open.”
After all the work, Hudson said he is “happy with the results.”
“(I am) glad to finally have it open,” he said.
For more information, contact Transportation Services at 256-765-4853.