Poll results in for best RSO

There are over 100 registered student organizations on campus, but one ranked the highest.

The music-based fraternity Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia came in first place in The Flor-Ala’s Readers’ Choice poll for Best RSO with 14.3 percent of the votes.

The sorority Alpha Delta Pi and the Student Government Association tied for second with 6.3 percent each.

Jamal Kennedy, president of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, said he is excited the fraternity has made an impact on students at the university.

“I had heard of Phi Mu Alpha a lot when I was going through band my freshman year,” he said. “When I went to meetings, I discovered that it was more than just some fraternity. It was a group of people that really enjoyed music and wanted to really express that joy of music to other people.”

Vice President Todd Erickson said students do not have to major or minor in music to join.

“You just have a (2.5) GPA and a love for music,” he said.

The fraternity is a mixture of fun and business, Kennedy said.

“We know when it’s time to get things done and also relax and spend time with our brothers,” he said.

Kennedy said the fraternity performs on campus either by themselves or with other groups.

“Every year we put on an American Music Program,” he said. “We are also performing at the Culture Fest April 27, and the President Mentor Academy is hosting that.”

When the fraternity is not performing around campus, the members volunteer at hospitals and nursing homes, Kennedy said.

“We have a semi-annual Mills Music Mission,” he said. “It’s where we take time out of our schedule and we go to a hospital or a nursing home, and we sing for (the residents). We even get to serenade the elderly and pass out roses to them. We just want to show them that they’re appreciated and that people still care about them.”

Erickson said it is gratifying to interact with these residents.

“Sometimes we are those people’s only visitors,” he said. “We had one lady tell us that we were the only visitors she had in six months, and that was when a previous UNA group had came to visit. It’s really heart-warming to make their days a little bit better.”

Freshman Addison Willmon said the group’s main goal is to spread their love of music.

“Since we know the power music has on people emotionally, we try to share that with others,” he said. “We try to brighten their day. We try to make them happy. We try to provide some sort of motivation through music.”