Location essential to healthy study habits

Just like that, the end of the semester has rolled around once more.

Pretty soon, we will all be tucked away into every nook and cranny of UNA’s campus trying desperately to study for finals. The fear of failure floats through the air, but never fear. Here are a few tips on how to best prepare for the end of the semester with the least amount of struggle.

Finding the right place to study is key to retaining knowledge successfully. Whether one has an excessively noisy roommate, or simply too many distractions in their current spot, UNA has its students covered. The most underrated study spots on campus include the second and third floors in the Library and the third or fourth floor of the Science and Technology Building. Also, the Commons second and third floors provide a good study area. For a change of scenery, study can visit one of Florence’s six coffee shops.

Location aside, there are other things you can do to boost those grades.

First off, try studying in the daytime. Not only will students be far more alert and attentive to the material they are studying, but they will not require nearly as much caffeine to function as opposed to later in the day.

Also, take frequent breaks. It is easy to get overwhelmed when stressing over that big test, so take regular breaks to keep the panic levels low and the focus high.

Switch between subject matter as well. Total immersion in one subject is boring, and students will more than likely start to tune out the information. Switch it up and keep things interesting.

No matter what a student is studying for, it is important to study right. Strong study habits can be the difference between an A and an F.