Changing of the seasons

Fall is the time of the year when the world changes colors and food and drinks of all kinds become pumpkin flavored.

Here in Alabama, this also means students are not drenched in a puddle of sweat by the time they get to class. It’s time to pull out those football jerseys and plaid shirts, face that fear of heights, ride the Ferris Wheel and carve a pumpkin or two.

To begin fall, towns all over have fun fair festivities or an Oktoberfest to celebrate the new season. With the fair comes funnel cake and fried Oreos. Bonfires become more popular with the cooler weather and call for making s’mores and roasting weenies. Coffee lovers will be excited the infamous pumpkin spice latte is back. Then who could forget the fact that the next two holidays call for loads of free food?

For the fashionistas, flannels and booties are a passion. It’s also sweater weather for those who like to get cozy.

Enjoy some fall festivals and trick-or-treating and get creative with costumes and decorations. There is nothing like riding on a hayride on a cool fall evening through a huge field. Go with friends or family to a pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin to carve.

For those who enjoy the spookier side of fall, haunted houses are a must. Whether it is Arx Mortis in Killen or Sloss Furnace in Birmingham, nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like a good scare.

There are many things to love about fall, but the part everyone should enjoy is time spent sharing memories with friends and family. Cherish that selfie with your best friend at the fair. Laugh at your dad or mom accidentally busting a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch and getting it all over them.

It is also about trying new things with the beginning of a new season. Hold your friend’s hand while you go through the haunted house because you are scared. It is okay, you are not the only one afraid. Enjoy all that fall has to offer.