Campus visitor abducted, found by Florence Police

A campus visitor was abducted around 3 a.m. Sept. 19 in front of Hawthorne Hall and forced by a woman with a baseball bat into the victim’s backseat. A UNA student reported the incident to UNA police.

UNA Police Department arrested a woman, Taylor Peters, 20, of Leighton, on domestic violence and unauthorized use of a vehicle around 3:11 a.m. in the victim’s 2016 Kia Forte, said UNA Police Chief Kevin Gillilan. Florence Police Department officers found Peters with the victim and alerted UNA police.

A male was also in the vehicle, but Gillilan said he was a witness to the crime. He turned himself in after seeing a television report mentioning his involvement, Gillilan said.

Investigation showed the incident resulted from a domestic violence situation between the victim and Peters, Gillilan said.

UNA police and domestic violence investigators from One Place of the Shoals will continue to investigate.

UNA police did not send a Lion Alert of the situation.

“It was determined that there was no immediate threat to the campus community,” Gillilan said. “Additionally, the initial report from the persons involved was delayed, the majority of the incident took place off campus and an arrest was made within minutes of the initial report.”