The Flor-Ala provides volunteering opportunities

From coming within inches of one of the greatest pop punk stars of all time, to witnessing history in the making as UNA’s softball team carried home the title of “champion,” the job of a photographer at The Flor-Ala provides students with some of the most unforgettable experiences.

There is truly no better way to become involved at UNA than through the opportunities volunteering as a photographer creates. Photography opens a door for involvement across all areas of campus life. Whether it’s photographing concerts and sports events or documenting our ever-changing campus and community, volunteers get the chance to show the world through their eyes and connect with new people all across the community.

Volunteering with The Flor-Ala is the perfect way to gain experience as a photographer. Even if you have never worked as a photographer before, The Flor-Ala provides a platform for students to learn and showcase their work. If photography is something that interests you, consider volunteering with The Flor-Ala.

For more information about getting involved in photography, contact me using UNA ext. 5183 or email at [email protected].