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            The Flor-Ala Advertising and Business Staff

Your business or organization has a great opportunity to take advantage of the $280 million economic impact that the University of North Alabama has on the Shoals. The best way to reach thousands of UNA students, employees, alumni and fans is by advertising in The Flor-Ala and Our students can develop an effective advertising plan for your business or organization, and you can show your support for UNA with your presence in the student newspaper, website and mobile site. 

Business Manager:

Diane Peeples – [email protected]

(256) 765-4427

Graphic Design:

David J. San Miguel – [email protected]

(256) 765-4427

Circulation manager

Hannah Zimmer – [email protected]

(256) 765-4427

The Office of Student Media Staff

Student Media Adviser

Justin Bergh – [email protected]

(256) 765-4426