Panic! thrills audience at spring concert

Brendon Urie, lead singer of Panic! At The Disco, sings at the Spring Concert. Urie thrilled this audience with his high-pitched vocal runs and dance moves.

After waiting in line for 40 minutes, I was finally in the same room as my middle school crushes, Panic! At The Disco.

They played new music from their album “Death of a Bachelor” and some of their classics at the spring concert in Norton Auditorium April 30.

Brendon Urie hit ridiculous high notes while Kenneth Harris ripped electrifying solo after solo on the guitar.

The energy the band brought to the stage was incomparable and infectious, complete with head banging and a backflip.

They played songs such as “Victorious,” “Hallelujah” and “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.”

Inner scene kids resurfaced and middle school dances came to mind when Panic! at the Disco played “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” The crowd took out their phones and blessed Snapchat with Urie’s skinny-jean-clad dance moves.

I chimed in with my own not-so-perfect voice and allowed my awkward dance moves to burst forth. You’re welcome, UNA.

My only complaint about the experience is the doors should have opened earlier. The line wrapped around the practice field, and I missed the opening acts because of it.

Overall, this spring concert was the best one I’ve been to, and I left the show with the satisfying deafness only a concert can give you.